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Easier Hiking Trails


Big Foot Trail Loop,0-3.6km,difficultyeasy Easy Wheelchair Symbol-crop ,Paved wide sidewalk around the village,open,minimal

George Hicks Park,0.54km,difficultyeasy Easy Wheelchair Symbol-crop ,Observe tiny marsh critters – very close to info centre,closed,minimal

Rearguard Falls,0.4km,difficultyeasy Easy,Look into this powerful waterfall from right above it,open,30m/100ft

Cranberry Marsh,6km loop,difficultyeasy Easy,A hotbed of ecological activity – a wildlife and bird watcher’s delight,open,minimal

Jackman Flats ,1.5-7km loops,difficultyeasy Easy,Sandy trail surrounded by sensitive lichen; good views of Mica Mountain,open,minimal

Overlander Falls,0.3km / 2.5km,difficultyeasyEasy to difficultymore Medium,Two options for trails one short one long. Fairly narrow. Remember the first Overlanders who came by horse and boat,open,71m/232ft

Swift Creek Lookout (1.85km turnaround),3.7km,difficultyeasy Easy difficultymore medium,Great views for a short hike; mostly flat then a very steep section,open,37m/120ft

Zen Garden trail,4km,difficultyeasy Easy todifficultymore medium,Peaceful and lush with not much elevation,open,120m/394ft

Kinney Lake,3.4+ km,difficultyeasy Easy todifficultymore medium, A serene lake perfect for picnics, open, 131m/430ft.

Little Lost Lake,3.4+ km,difficultyeasy Easy todifficultymore medium,A serene lake perfect for picnics,open, 120-200m / 400-650ft.

Hawaii BC Trail,1.2-2km,difficultyeasy Easy todifficultymore medium,stunning waterfalls & views of glaciers,open, 100-180m / 328-590ft.

Packsaddle Creek Loop,5km (bridge)/ 6.5km loop (NA),difficultyeasy Easy todifficultymore medium, Follow the creek in and back- bridge is broken, CLOSED INDEFINITELY DUE TO WASH-OUT,150m/500ft